Fork of vertfull, updated for 5.0, a colorprompt option added, and a name change (see rationale below).

When adding a prompt to dmenu (with the -p option or in config.h) and using a list arrangement, the items are indented at the prompt width. This patch fixes that.

The patch also adds a colorprompt option to config.def.h. When enabled, the prompt will use the same colorscheme as the highlighted option (SchemeSel). If disabled, the prompt text will use the normal colorscheme (SchemeNorm). Enabled by default.

Renaming Rational

vertfull never made any sense to me. I assume "vert" is short for vertical, as I can't think of any other possibilities, but the patch changes the horizontal dimention, not the vertical. At first, I was just going to name the patch horfull, but that doesn't quite seem right.

I wasn't sure if simply updating the patch was enough to warrant a rename, despite my gripes with the old name, but then I thought of adding the colorprompt option which I consider to be sufficient justification.