Line height

The patch adds a '-h' option, which sets the minimum height of a dmenu line. This helps integrate dmenu with other UI elements that require a particular vertical size.


By default, dmenu calculates its height as the height of the font used plus 2. So when opening dmenu over a panel bar that is 24 pixels high, it would look like this:

Screenshot dmenu default height

Despite both the panel and dmenu using the same font (a Terminus 12), dmenu is shorter and the panel is visible from under the dmenu bar. The appearance can be even more distracting when using similar colors for background and selections.

With the option added by this patch, dmenu can be launched with a '-h 24', thus completely covering the panel, as shown below:

Screenshot dmenu with line height patch

The line height value is also used when dmenu is used in 'vertical' mode ('-l' option).