This program provides a scroll back buffer for a terminal like st(1). It should run on any Unix-like system.

At the moment it is in an experimental state. Its not recommended for productive use.

The initial version of this program is from Roberto E. Vargas Caballero:

What is the state of scroll?

The project is faced with some hard facts, that our original plan is not doable as we thought in the first place:

  1. [crtl]+[e] is used in emacs mode (default) on the shell to jump to the end of the line. But, its also used so signal a scroll down mouse event from terminal emulators to the shell an other programs.

    • A workaround is to use vi mode in the shell.
    • Or to give up mouse support (default behavior)
  2. scroll could not handle backward cursor jumps and editing of old lines properly. We just handle current line editing and switching between alternative screens (curses mode). For a proper end user experience we would need to write a completely new terminal emulator like screen or tmux.


You can browse its source code repository or get a copy using the following command:

git clone