Simple plaintext presentation tool.

Screenshot of sent

sent does not need latex, libreoffice or any other fancy file format, it uses plaintext files to describe the slides and can also display images. Every paragraph represents a slide in the presentation. Especially for presentations using the Takahashi method this is very nice and allows you to write down the presentation for a quick lightning talk within a few minutes.

The presentation is displayed in a simple X11 window colored black on white for maximum contrast even if the sun shines directly onto the projected image. The content of each slide is automatically scaled to fit the window so you don't have to worry about alignment. Instead you can really focus on the content.



To get a little demo, just type

make && ./sent example

You can navigate with the arrow keys and quit with q.



Edit config.h to fit your needs then build again.

sent [FILE]

If FILE is omitted or equals -, stdin will be read. Produce image slides by prepending a @ in front of the filename as a single paragraph. Lines starting with # will be ignored. A \\` at the beginning of the line escapes @ and #`. A presentation file could look like this:



depends on
- Xlib
- farbfeld

one slide per paragraph
# This is a comment and will not be part of the presentation
\# This and the next line start with backslashes


thanks / questions?

A deeper example can be found in this file from the repository root.


You can browse its source code repository or get a copy using the following command:

git clone