Foreground or Background


This patch combines the features of blur-pixelated-screen and dwmlogo; it changes the background of slock to a blurred or pixelated version of your current desktop and the foreground of slock to a dwm logo that changes color based on the state.


The size of the logo is configurable with logosize in the config.h.

This patch is not limited by the dwm logo. By changing the rectangles variable in config.h you can create any figure based on rectangles.

Define either BLUR (default) or PIXELATION to set which type of masking you want applied to the screen. You can also change the blur radius and pixel size with blurRadius and pixelSize, respectively.

With the dpms patch there is a conflict in the main function. This is easly fixed by editing the main function in slock.c so it looks like this, for it to work properly:

main(int argc, char **argv){
        XFreeGC(dpy, locks[s]->gc);
    /* reset DPMS values to inital ones */
    DPMSSetTimeouts(dpy, standby, suspend, off);
    XSync(dpy, 0);

    return 0;